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We are a solution provider in petrochemicals, agrochemicals, automotive, bioenergy, mining, battery and industrial related processes in South East Asia. We bring added value to our clients and work closely with our technology partners to ensure excellent results.


Learn more about our product solutions. We source exclusively from reliable international technology partners, who are world-class innovators in the specific sectors.


See which industry segments we support and how we can help businesses overcome common challenges. Our expertise and solutions are at your disposal.


Find out what is happening in Asia’s industries. Learn more about the latest trends. See how new approaches and innovative products can help your business.

What We Do

A Modern Approach to Chemical and Lifescience Industries

We are the Performance Chemicals team of Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients – a specialty chemical distribution company. We serve as one-stop-shop for our customers and provide added value to customer processes and products. Working closely with our principals, we are their extended sales arm in this region. We help principals to explore the local market, to serve the customers and to solve customer’s issues.

Our sales team consists of technical background candidates who know how to tap the right market for the right products, and we know how to provide you with technical solutions.

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Years in Asia

Metric tons of specialty ingredients distributed each year

International technology partners


Our Product Solutions

Our team has a solid range of specialised products available for chemical industries. Take a look at the different product types and see how they can help your business grow.

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Activated Carbon

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Activated carbon is used in various application and industries with highly effective at absorbing a variety of substances eg. colour impurities from products, odours , organic compounds and toxins.

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Active Oxygen

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Active oxygen (ozone) is used as a disinfectant and an important reagent in many organic reactions in industrial applications.

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Agro Chemical Additives

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We supply surfactants, wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers, tank-mix adjuvants and green solvents for agrochemical industries.

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Aluminium Brazing

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Aluminium brazing flux in aluminium heat exchangers e.g. radiator, condenser, and evaporator in automotive and household HVAC, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications.

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Antifouling Agents

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Fouling is one common problem in the manufacturing of petrochemicals, causing limitations to process efficiency. Our technologies prevent in-process deposition and maximises the availability of plants.

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We provided a wide range of Catalysts for various petrochemical processes.

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Cyanice is widely used in electroplating applications and purification of precious metals.

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High performance enzymes for starch hydrolysis and protein extraction to optimise production, maximise yield, and produce more sustainably; for example, by reducing energy consumption or minimising product waste.

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Filter Aids

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We provide a wide range of filtration chemicals, including cellulose, perlite and bleaching earth for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of filtration processes by preventing clogging, enhancing clarity, and increasing flow rates. They are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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Fumed & Precipitated Silica

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Fumed Silica: Preferred for applications requiring high purity, small particle size, and non-porous structure e.g., thickeners, anti-caking agents.

Precipitated Silica: Preferred for applications requiring porous structure and larger particle size e.g., carrier for Liquids, free-flow agents.

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Initiators in the chemical industry are compounds that start chemical reactions, particularly polymerisation reactions, by generating reactive species such as free radicals, cations, or anions. These reactive species then propagate the reaction, leading to the formation of polymers or other complex molecules.

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Ion Exchange Resins

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We provide a full range of ion exchange resins for applications, such as process purification, water purification and wastewater treatment.

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Plating Chemicals

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Our electroplating product solutions are intended for the highest demands for both technical and decorative applications. Our  electroplating solutions can be used in a wide range of sectors and applications, such as the semiconductor, communications and electronics industries, as well as the jewellery industry.

Our Industry Specialisations

Our industry experts across the region have experience with many specialised chemical industry segments. The main focus of our team and products are agrochemicals, automotive, batteries, bioenergy, brewing, construction, electronics, filtration, food processing, mining, oleochemicals, petrochemicals, starch processing, and water treatment.

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We supply various additives such as wetting agent, dispersing agent and emulsifier for agrochemical market segments, crop protection products and tank-mix adjuvants including defoamer and anticaking in the fertilizer market.





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Our partner is a global market leader in aluminium brazing technology in the heat exchanger market. Customers can enjoy a broad product range, as well as broad technical advice and competent after-sales services. All technical issues are quickly and professionally answered.

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We work closely with partners in the battery market, supplying fumed conductive carbons, silica and solvents.

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Partnering with world-class technology providers, we provide reliable catalysts for the production of biodiesel and innovative enzyme solutions for ethanol production. 

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Providing innovation and solutions to brewers to produce consistent beer from inconsistent raw materials, improving efficiency without compromising on quality.  Our portfolio includes innovative enzymes, silica beer stabilisers, and environmentally friendly filter aids.

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We provide various additives to cement producers, concrete admixture and dry mix mortar markets.

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We provide a wide range of products for electronic industries, such as etching agents in PCB industries. Our portfolio includes metal electrolytes, cyanide, and persulfate for electroplating industries.

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Our portfolio includes activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and natural fibre to help our clients with their product purification processes and product improvement.

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Food Processing

Enhancing value to by-products and food waste from the food processing industry with innovative solutions, including enzymes, activated carbon, and ion-exchange resins.

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We support mining industries with reliable solutions, such as activated carbon and cyanide.

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Our products help clients solve their operational problems: removing unwanted impurities, improving catalyst removal with natural fibre, as well as enhancing rejection efficiency and improving throughput. 

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Our products can be used in various stages in petrochemicals industries such as upstream, intermediary, and downstream petrochemicals. We have a full range of products such as initiators, catalysts, anti-oxidants and additives with technical support, providing our clients with the right help to achieve ideal performance and innovation.

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Starch Processing

We support starch processing industries using tapioca starch, corn starch or grains as major raw materials. The applications include producers of modified starch and producers of sweeteners.

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Water Treatment

Our products help clients with water and product purification. Applications include the removal of ash, ionisation, colour, odour and heavy metals, such as mercury from their products.

Solving Industry Challenges

Many of the industries we serve are facing production challenges. Our teams are here to evaluate and advise. Take a look at common industry challenges and see how we approach these issues and help customers overcome them.

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Finding the right grade

Our technical specialists support clients in finding suitable grade products for their specific requirements. Our team is there along the entire process, advising and helping.

Lowering production costs

Production costs are a major concern for most of our clients. Our experienced team can help to analyse processes and existing product solutions, to find the right methods to reduce costs and increase performance.

Identifying Production Problems

Our technical, in close partnership with our international technology partners, can help to analyse existing processes and identify optimisation potential.

Working With Us

Apart from world-class product solutions and a strong technical team, our clients can also benefit from several other services.

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World-class Infrastructure

Handling more than 100,000 metric tons of specialty ingredients each year, our infrastructure is well set up, maintained and tested. From state-of-the-art warehousing processes to modern IT systems, all of these investments allow us to serve our clients better.

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Regulatory Affairs

Asia’s rules and regulations can sometimes be difficult to navigate. That is why we have invested heavily in professional regulatory affairs teams in each country. Our local colleagues provide a deep understanding and know-how of local policies and help avoid mistakes.

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ISO & OHSAS Certifications

All of our entities and infrastructure are ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. Beyond that, our regional warehouse hub in Thailand is also certified for ISO 9001. These procedures allow us to continuously improve our operation quality and the safety of colleagues, clients, and end-users.

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SAP Integrated

All of our offices and infrastructure run on one SAP system. This gives us and our partners full transparency about supply chain processes – from order until delivery, and after-sales.

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Customer Service teams

Our local customer service teams in each country make sure customers can rely on us. They combine local know-how with extensive training and are there for our clients all steps along the way.

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Compliance & Anti-Corruption

Strong compliance and non-corruption practices across all of our departments help us create trust. This is why many international technology partners choose to rely on us when doing business in the region.

Innovation at your disposal

Our Regional Performance Chemicals Application Centre

This new state-of-the-art lab specialises in the localisation of protein and starch hydrolysis processes to cater specifically to regional market demands. This advanced facility is set to transform enzyme applications, focusing on the specialised needs of protein extraction and starch hydrolysis in food processing, sweetener and ethanol production, and more. Intending to expand and drive our enzyme business, we offer local lab services to enhance our capabilities in enzyme technology. Our lab’s capabilities allow for rapid prototyping and adaptation to customer feedback, leading to quicker product development cycles and enhanced customer satisfaction. Ask our local teams for more information or get directly in touch with our laboratory experts. 

Latest News

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