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August 2023

See what has been happening in Asia’s petrochemicals, agrochemicals, automotive, bio energy, and mining industries over the last weeks. What are experts and industry magazines talking about?

What has been happening?

Batteries on wheels, Biosurfactants potential solution for tackling oil spills, Mussels inspire new nanoporous membrane, and more. See what industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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Batteries on wheels

Bidirectional charging enables electric vehicles to be both charged and discharged as needed. E-cars can thus serve as mobile electricity storage units and contribute to increasing the flexibility of the energy system. To ensure that bidirectional charging can be used on a broad scale, a consortium …
Biosurfactants might offer an environmentally friendly solution for tackling oil spills

Can biosurfactants increase microbiological oil degradation in North Sea seawater? An international research team from the universities of Stuttgart und Tübingen, together with the China West Normal University and the University of Georgia, have been exploring this question and the results have reve…
Mussels inspire new nanoporous membrane
Filtration + Separation

Engineers have developed a new kind of membrane, aspects of which are inspired by mussels, that separates chemicals within wastewater so effectively that they can be reused.
India may allow rice as ethanol feedstock again
Biofuels Digest

In India, Live Mint reports the Indian government may again supply rice for ethanol production following the shutdown of several ethanol distilleries due to the lack of feedstock and that sugarcane-based ethanol production won’t start until October.
When lithium metal takes the form of Dungeons and Dragons dice, it becomes safer for batteries

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles developed a technique that prevents metallic lithium from reacting with chemicals and corroding while being laid down on a surface such as an electrode. In a paper published in the journal Nature, the scientists explain that in the absence of such corrosion, lithium atoms assemble into a surprising shape—the rhombic dodecahedron, a 12-sided figure similar to the dice used in role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons.
New stretchable battery may pave the way for smart clothes

University of Houston researchers have developed a successful prototype of a fully stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery. “As a big science fiction fan, I could envision a ‘science-fiction-esque future’ where our clothes are smart, interactive and powered,” lead researcher Haleh Ardebili said in a media statement. “It seemed a natural next step to create and integrate stretchable batteries with stretchable devices and clothing.
Ecological Revolution: Zinc batteries with double efficiency and the ability to produce hydrogen

The renewable energy revolution wants to build a climate-friendly future for the world. But the move away from fossil fuels will remain a challenge as long as efficient means to store green energy are still lacking. A research consortium has set itself the goal to tackle exactly this problem with ch…
Next-generation flow battery design sets records

A common food and medicine additive has shown it can boost the capacity and longevity of a next-generation flow battery design in a record-setting experiment. A research team from the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory reports that the flow battery, a design optimized for e…
Infineon invests extra €5bn in making chips in Malaysia
Global Construction Review

Germany’s biggest chip maker Infineon Technologies will invest €5bn over five years in building the world’s biggest 200-millimetre silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor plant in Kulim, Malaysia. SiC is used to make wide bandgap semiconductors used in high-tech industrial applications like photovoltaics, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Demand for them is so strong that this new plant will join a €1.6bn factory Infineon started building in Kulim only in July last year.
Celsius subsidiary wins exploration permit for copper-gold prospect in Philippines
Mining Technology

Celsius Resources has secured an exploration permit for its Botilao Porphyry copper-gold prospect in the Philippines. The post Celsius subsidiary wins exploration permit for copper-gold prospect in Philippines appeared first on Mining Technology.
Shandong Haike Chemical selects Axens’ SAF tech to retrofit its refinery
Biofuels Digest

In China, Shandong Haike Chemical Co. Ltd, a Chinese refining and petrochemical company, has selected Axens’ Vegan technology to produce low carbon, cost competitive sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by retrofitting its existing assets.
China Again Drilling Ultra Deep in Search for Gas

China has begun drilling a 10,000-meter hole in the ground for the second time this year as it seeks ultra-deep reserves of natural gas. China National Petroleum Corp. on Thursday began drilling the Shendi Chuanke 1 Well in Sichuan province, with a designed depth of 10,520 meters (6.5 miles), Xinhua News Agency reported. The project follows a similar-sized well that CNPC began drilling in Xinjiang in May, described at the time as the deepest ever undertaken in China.
TNB, Petronas to carry out feasibility studies for hydrogen projects in Malaysia
Biofuels Digest

In Malaysia, The New Straits Times reported that Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and local oil firm Petronas have inked a Joint Feasibility Study Agreement (JFSA) to carry out studies for hydrogen business development in the country. Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU), both companies will collaborate as well as promote a strong synergy in the exploration and development business ventures in green hydrogen, according to the report.
Indonesia rolls out nationwide B35 on Aug. 1
Biofuels Digest

In Indonesia, Tempo reports the government began blending 35% biodiesel nationwide on August 1 following a limited roll out that began in February. Previously, the mandated blend was 30%. The government has had several false starts and pushed back the higher blend several times due to high palm oil prices and the need to invest in infrastructure at the pump. A levy on palm oil exports is collected and used to offset the cost difference between fossil diesel and biodiesel.
Indonesian airline Garuda trials biofuel mix on B737 engine
Biofuels Digest

In Indonesia, Jakarta Globe reported that local state-owned airline Garuda Indonesia (GIAA) has conducted trials of aviation fuel with a biofuel mix on a jet engine used in a Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. The testing of the biofuel mix, known as Bioavtur J2.4, was carried out on July 26, using a CFM56-7B jet engine jointly produced by Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Aerospac.
TI eyeing $1-billion investment for expansion in Philippines

Malacanang on Thursday said American semiconductor company Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI) is considering an investment of up to $1 billion for the expansion of its facilities in Clark City and Baguio City in northern Philippines, in light of a potential global chip shortage. The company is set to submit in two weeks an application covering the expansion of its Clark and Baguio City sites, the palace said in a statement, citing US officials present during President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.
US Senator sees PHL as key link in EV supply chain as firms retreat from China

The Philippines could become a supplier of electric vehicle (EV) components to the US with the expected departure of US production from China, US Democratic Senator Ladda Tammy Duckworth said. Ms. Duckworth said at a media roundtable in the City of Manila on Aug. 8 that the US could tap the Philippines’ mineral and electronics industries to diversify its sourcing of key commodities.
Mida: EVE Energy builds new US$422m manufacturing facility in Kedah
The Malay Mail Online

Global lithium battery manufacturer EVE Energy Co Ltd today announced the groundbreaking ceremony for its new manufacturing facility with an initial investment of US$422 million (RM1.924 billion) in Kulim, Kedah.
Bangchak bullish on green jet fuel plan

Energy conglomerate Bangchak Corporation believes its plan to produce biofuel for aircraft — known as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) — will be able to deal with any uncertainty in the future if the company’s oil refinery business is disrupted by electric vehicles.

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