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February 2021

See what has been happening in Asia’s petrochemicals, agrochemicals, automotive, bio energy, and mining industries over the last weeks. What are experts and industry magazines talking about?

What has been happening?

Future for electric vehicle batteries, Automotive Battery Market, Gas to Liquid Market valuation and more. See what journals and industry experts have been discussing in the last four weeks.

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A possible red hot future for electric vehicle batteries
Electronics Weekly

High-temperature batteries could one day power road vehicles, according to the University of Nottingham, which has worked with Chinese universities to take a step forward with molten salt ‘metal-air’ batteries. Having a battery running at 700-800°C might seem a little impractical.
Automotive Battery Market to reach a valuation of USD 75 billion by 2025, registering a 5.5% CAGR

Key players involved in the market are East Penn Manufacturing Company (US), A123 Systems, LLC (China), Johnson Controls (US), GS Yuasa (Japan), EXIDE Technologies (US), BYD Co. Ltd (China), Saft Groupe SA (France), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), EnerSys (US), LG Chem (South Korea), Delphi Automotive LLP (UK), and Panasonic Corporation (Japan), among others.
Gas to Liquid Market valuation is poised to reach USD 20,387.33 million by 2025, expanding at approx 7.55% CAGR

Key players involved in the GTL market are Chevron Corporation (US), Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands), Sasol Limited (South Africa), Velocys PLC (US), Petro SA (South Africa), ORYX GTL (Qatar), Linc Energy (Australia), OLTIN YO’L GTL (Uzbekistan), Compact GTL (UK), Gas Techno (US), Primus Green Energy (US), and NRG Energy (US), among others.
Silicon anode structure generates new potential for lithium-ion batteries

New research has identified a nanostructure that improves the anode in lithium-ion batteries. Instead of using graphite for the anode, the researchers turned to silicon: a material that stores more charge but is susceptible to fracturing. The team deposited silicon atoms on top of metallic nanoparticles to form an arched nanostructure, increasing the strength and structural integrity of the anode. Electrochemical tests showed the batteries had a higher charge capacity and longer lifespan.
PTTEP makes largest-ever gas discovery in Malaysia
Bangkok Post

Thailand’s largest oil and gas firm, PTT Exploration and Production Plc, said it made its biggest gas find yet in a project offshore of Malaysia.
Shell to buy 150,000 tons of biodiesel from Jiaao Enprotech for $155M
Biofuels Digest

In China, Yicai Global reports Shell will buy 150,000 metric tons of EU-standard biodiesel from Jiaao Enprotech for $155 million over three years. The company currently produces 50,000 tons per year, but its expansion project should be online soon. In previous years, the company has supplied Shell with less than 4,000 tons of biodiesel annually.
ADM says China bought around 200M gallons of US ethanol for H1 2021
Biofuels Digest

In Illinois, Reuters reports that ADM says China has bought around 200 million gallons of ethanol for H1 2021, equal to its previous record for total annual imports of US-origin corn-based ethanol achieved in 2016. China used to be a regular buyer of US ethanol but the trade war launched by President Trump against China brought those imports to a halt, damaging the viability of the US industry.
Indonesian palm oil production seen 4.5% higher in 2021
Biofuels Digest

In Indonesia, the Jakarta Post newspaper reports the national palm oil production association (GAPKI) expects palm oil production to rise 4.5% this year thanks to increased demand as the global economy begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The association estimates production could reach 53.9 million metric tons this year, up from 51.63 million tons in 2020.
Malaysia to sue European Union in WTO lawsuit over palm oil
Biofuels Digest

In Malaysia, Scandasia reports that the Malaysian government plans to file a lawsuit against the European Union on the trade bloc’s policy to phase out palm oil-based biofuels imports to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) by 2030.
Singapore-based startup Green Li-ion says its patented technology could be the solution to recycling lithium ion batteries
Business Insider

As CTO and cofounder of Singapore-based start-up Green Li-ion, Reza Katal is putting his chemical and environmental engineering background to work on tackling a growing environmental problem: how to recycle Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.
Singapore's oil and gas sector should embrace transition to a green future with confidence
Channel NewsAsia

The oil and gas industry faces significant pressures to transform with over a century of operational history, but Singapore is well-positioned to invest in this green transition, says Boston Consulting Group’s Dave Sivaprasad.
S$180 million contract awarded for construction of JB-Singapore RTS Link viaduct, tunnels
Channel NewsAsia

The Singapore arm of China Communications Construction Company Limited has been awarded a S$180 million deal to build a 25m-high viaduct and tunnels for the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link. This is the second civil contract awarded for the project, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA)
FAW considering acquisition of China’s BMW partner Brilliance Automotive for about US$7.2 billion
Paul Tan’s Automotive News

Chinese automaker FAW Group is reportedly looking at purchasing Brilliance China Automotive Holdings for about US$7.2 billion (RM29.2 billion), Reuters reports. The potential acquisition of BMW’s main partner in China by FAW comes at a time when Brilliance’s top shareholder, Huachen Automotive Group, is on the brink of bankruptcy, having defaulted on 6.5 billion yuan (RM4.08 billion) in debt obligations late last year.
Indonesia, rich in nickel, has received an investment proposal from Tesla – focus is on making EV batteries
Paul Tan’s Automotive News

Late last year, a team representing the Indonesian government met Tesla for talks on the electric vehicle specialist setting up shop in the ASEAN country. Now, our neighbour has received an investment proposal from Elon Musk’s company, Indonesia’s deputy head for investment and mining coordination Septian Hario Seto told the press, reported by Reuters.
What Does Myanmar Coup Mean for Oil and Gas?

From an oil and gas context, the coup is ill-timed for Myanmar, with prospects in the sector starting to turn a corner amid growing foreign investor interest and efforts.
China's 2060 carbon neutral pledge 'incompatible' with expansion of oil and gas pipelines, study says
South China Morning Post

China’s expansion of its oil and gas pipeline network is putting it on a “collision course” with its ambitious target to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, according to a report published on Tuesday, while simultaneously raising the possibility.
Facing green pressure, Indonesia halts deep-sea mining disposal
Straits Times

Indonesia will no longer permit mining waste to be disposed in the ocean to allay concerns about the environmental impact of processing nickel used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, a government official and a corporate mining source said.
Indonesia's palm oil-powered 'green diesel' fuels threat to forests
Straits Times

Indonesia’s ambitious biodiesel programme will increase the risks of deforestation, as more tropical forest could be cleared to grow oil palm, environmentalists have warned, urging policymakers to implement a long-term ban on new plantations.
Indonesia eyes 6 percent growth in non-oil and gas exports after turbulent year
The Jakarta Post

The government is expecting to achieve 6.3 percent annual growth in Indonesia’s non-oil and gas exports this year as trading partners have started rolling out coronavirus vaccines to re-emerge from the pandemic-induced economic downturn.

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